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Do I need a physician referral for physical therapy?2018-08-01T17:11:49+00:00

In the state of WA, it is not required by law to have a referral for physical therapy, but most insurance companies, including medicare and medicaid, still require a referral for reimbursement. A referral may be written by your physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, podiatrist, chiropractor, or dentist (i.e. for a TMJ disorder). If you feel you would benefit from physical therapy, you may request a referral from your practitioner. You can download a referral form for your doctor here.

Download Referral Form
What will happen on my first visit?2018-08-01T17:17:13+00:00

On your first visit, a complete musculoskeletal and neurologic examination will be conducted by your physical therapist which includes tests and measurements. Your therapist will then discuss the findings with you and customize a treatment plan based on these findings, your doctor’s recommendations, and your own personal goals. For more information see Prepare for your first visit.

How long should I plan for my first visit?2018-08-01T17:17:33+00:00

Generally, the evaluation on the first day will take about an hour, but you may want to block 75 to 90 minutes of time to allow for paperwork and/or extra time the therapist may need to spend with you. For follow up visits, you can discuss your availability and the frequency of your visits with your therapist and our front desk staff to determine what will work best.

What should I wear to physical therapy?2018-08-01T17:17:56+00:00

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that you will be able to exercise in and/or expose affected areas for treatment if necessary.

Can I make a payment online?2018-08-01T17:19:26+00:00

Yes you can. Click the button below:

Make A Payment
What is a FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)?2018-08-01T17:20:01+00:00

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a 4 hour test to determine what an individual may be capable of physically and is often used to decide if/when it may be appropriate for an injured worker to return to their job and if modifications are needed.

What is Work Hardening?2018-08-01T17:20:22+00:00

Work Conditioning/Hardening is a specialized physical therapy program that may be based off of the findings from the FCE to help the patient regain the strength and endurance necessary to return to their occupation with decreased risk of re-injury.

What insurance do you accept?2018-08-01T17:20:59+00:00
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