Once you have your first scheduled appointment please submit your paperwork online. When you hit the “send form button” at the bottom of the screen, the information will be electronically sent to our referral coordinator. A download option is also available for your convenience if you would rather fill out your paperwork with a hard copy.

  • If you are coming to our clinic for a specialized treatment, please choose the corresponding registration form. (i.e. Athletic Training, Therapeutic Massage)
  • Please remember to select the correct CareConnections survey that corresponds with why you are coming to physical therapy and bring the completed form to your first appointment.
  • Please note, if you choose to fill out your paperwork at our center, you must arrive 15 minutes early as we do not allow for this within the scheduled appointment time.

Outcome Reporting Forms

Functional Outcome Reporting for the area or condition to be treated. This allows the therapist to understand how your condition is affecting your daily activities. All the forms are available as downloadable pdf files. Please print, complete and bring them with you to your first appointment. Complete the form on the day of your first visit and as you answer the questions, think about pain or discomfort when it is at its worst and only for the condition to be treated. For example, if you are receiving treatment for an ankle strain but a chronic hip issue creates mobility issues, consider only the impact of your ankle when you answer the questions. If you aren’t sure how to answer the question, feel free to discuss it with your therapist.

Care Connections Worksheet
Neuromuscular Worksheet
Hand Worksheet
Lower Extremity Worksheet
Lumbar Worksheet
Pelvic Floor Worksheet
TMJ Worksheet
Upper Extremity Worksheet
Cervical/Thoracic Worksheet